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Cats and writing

I got Cinder-kitty back from the vet. She tried to overexert herself by jumping on the windowsill so I put her in a very large pet-carrier I borrowed from my neighbor. I have her in there with a folded blanket and her water and food dish. Ah, well. She needed to be spayed and should heal soon enough.

I have started writing another Pippin-story. Yay. I had to write a little 2-page paper for my archives class, which I did.

My birthday is going to consist of my mom, my step-father, my cousin L, my sis-in-law and my brother (maybe on the last two) going to eat at the greatest little Italian resturant. Then, the parentals and I will go to a great Bacchus-parade party they got us invites for. This will all be Saturday night, my birthday is Sunday (two days before Mardi Gras).
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