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Rain and gloom

What a hideous day! Work was a nightmare. It was terribly busy and I got some evaluations back, most of which were bad. I don't understand it! I usually get good evaluations. I don't THINK I am doing anything different. I think they are just getting way too strict. One girl got fired for being late when the lateness in question was less than five minutes (per day). It worries me.

On the school doom side I haven't done my question set for tomorrow and I am actually working from 9am to noon. I volunteered for overtime because they expect to be busy. Now I feel unappreciated and am sorry I did.

On the plus side I wrote another fanfic and got a perfect score on my little paper for archives class.

Here is my second (hastily constructed) fanfic
(check your appendices for the relevance to today's date)

My next one will be Pippin and Diamond meeting I will write and post it in the next day or two. : )

Very Early Spring 1425
Pippin Musing 2: Anniversary

As Pippin lay on his bed in the moonlight he marveled at how one day or even one moment could change your life forever. This day was the anniversary of one of the blackest days of his life and Pippin thought back on the events of six years before, which remained clearly etched in his mind, and how he and Merry had spent the day sharing their memories of that time.

He and Merry had planned to spend the day together and pay tribute to the memory of the man who so valiantly attempted to save them from the uruk-hai. They spoke of Boromir as they rode slowly along the path, which had the first of the wild violets blooming alongside it. Pippin told Merry he wished Boromir could know that they survived and that one of the hobbits he had sacrificed himself for (and Pippin had to admit to himself he sat up a little straighter on his pony when he said this) had played an important part in saving Boromir's younger brother. Merry smiled gravely and told him that he did not know why but he thought Boromir's spirit somehow knew these things.

They had gone on riding for some time without saying much when they passed a tree that was festooned with white flowers, although no leaves as of yet, which stood over a particularly beautiful stream. They decided to stop here and have lunch before returning to their respective homes. As they sat on the bank and ate Pippin noticed that some of the little white flowers had fallen into the swirling water and were being rapidly carried downstream. Pippin stopped eating and his eyes started to fill. Merry put his arm around Pippin's shoulder and, for a time, neither of them said anything but listened to the gurgling stream, the wind, and the passing birds.
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