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Rain on the rooftops

We have been having thunderstorms every day, bringing a great deal of rain. It is really annoying and having the ground saturated is a bad thing if we get a hurricane.

My cousin K's baby boy is home and well. The little girl is thriving. She and her husband are very happy and relieved.

I haven't gotten much schoolwork done, although I did well on the first two (small) assignments. I have a slightly larger assignment due on Monday and a mid-term on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

Things have settled down a bit a work but I still walk in fear. I can't remember if I mentioned this but there were a lot of changes in management and a lot of new, different accounts. Add to this that someone put in a complaint on me and any misstep would probably get me fired. A manager I liked is gone. I need a new job but I am so busy with this current job and school it is hard to find time. Well, I have been there 4.5 years and my last evaluations have been pretty good.

I've done some more work on my website.
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