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Caitlin's Journal

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
9:37 pm - New music!
Yay! I love getting new music. Not only is the new Annie Lennox alubmn excellent but just today I got my order from Amazon.com. I got two Cd's, O by Damien Rice and A World Without Tears by Lucinda Williams.

Both Cd's are folk-rock (Lucinda's American country, Damien's Irish). I haven't cracked open my Lucinda CD yet, but I heard her at Jazz Fest a couple of years ago. She has a wonderful voice. Damien Rice has an excellent voice as well and, since I never heard him before, I listened to some of that CD in my car today. I still can't get over how good the Annie Lennox is. Anyone got a good new CD lately?

Oh, I survived Tropical Storm Bill with little more than shattered nerves and made an "A" on my midterm. Also, I'm still employed. : )

I had dinner with my cousin K yesterday. I saw the babies for the first time outside the hospital (I saw them twice at the hospital). They are soooo cute. The little boy looks just like K's husband G and the little girl has the same kind of nose as me.

So far, so good.

I finished my "Rosemary for Remembrance" story. Check out my fanfic site.

current mood: relieved

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Friday, June 27th, 2003
9:59 pm - Rain on the rooftops
We have been having thunderstorms every day, bringing a great deal of rain. It is really annoying and having the ground saturated is a bad thing if we get a hurricane.

My cousin K's baby boy is home and well. The little girl is thriving. She and her husband are very happy and relieved.

I haven't gotten much schoolwork done, although I did well on the first two (small) assignments. I have a slightly larger assignment due on Monday and a mid-term on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

Things have settled down a bit a work but I still walk in fear. I can't remember if I mentioned this but there were a lot of changes in management and a lot of new, different accounts. Add to this that someone put in a complaint on me and any misstep would probably get me fired. A manager I liked is gone. I need a new job but I am so busy with this current job and school it is hard to find time. Well, I have been there 4.5 years and my last evaluations have been pretty good.

I've done some more work on my website. http://www.geocities.com/caitlin_70433

current mood: anxious

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Thursday, June 19th, 2003
9:36 pm - Teetering on the brink
Well, I ended the Spring session with an "A" and a "B" but I haven't been motivated so far this summer session.

There have been a lot of bad changes at my work so I am looking for another job, hopefully I will find one before I get fired.

My cousin K and her husband had twin babies, a boy and a girl. She would be able to take both the babies home by the weekend but the little boy is not doing well. He is not feeding and has lost weight, so they put him back in the nursery. She and the little girl are now home.

My mother called to tell me this because I was going to visit them tomorrow but she is very down and not up to visitors.

Prayers and good thoughts appreciated.

I have a new website http://www.geocities.com/caitlin_70433

current mood: anxious

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Sunday, March 30th, 2003
12:17 pm - Sunny Sunday
Long time no entry. Sorry about that. Life is so busy and I am still not getting the schoolwork I need done done. Full-time work and part-time grad school, as always, are draining me.

I got a new car, a '99 Chevy Prism. It has just under 40,000 miles on it and I got it for $1,500 UNDER bluebook value! Yay!

My Pipping Musings are finished and I have two chapters of a new fic up on my fanfiction.com site (click on the My Website link above the angel pic)

Here are two Haiku I wrote

scented golden rose
nodding above the green leaves
a gray day brightens

soft silky dark fur
leaping brightly through the room
sweet purring bundle

current mood: confused

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
10:58 pm - A night drive
Driving by yourself can sometimes be a lovely thing. When I left Baton Rouge after class the sky was lit by lightening and rain was falling but my car was faster than the storm. By the time I was flying past the black shillouettes of cypress trees on the elevated highway that runs through the swamp to New Orleans the storm was left behind in the west. The moon, full and radiant, played peek-a-boo with the clouds while I listened to Van Morrison sing about the slipstream, cypress avenue, Avalon, ballerinas, and gardens wet with rain. The soft, thrumming gutair notes and the heat from the defroster soaked into my bones until my headlights shone in my own windows.

P.S. I think I did ok on the mid-term and just wanted to share a nice moment. Also, here is a quote I wanted to share:

"The world is so full of care and sorrow that is is a gracious debt we own to one another to discover the bright crystals of delight hidden in somber circumstances and irksome tasks."
-Helen Keller

current mood: contemplative

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Sunday, March 16th, 2003
10:43 pm - dazed and confused
I had a unprofitable, sleepy day. I think i will never catch up on my sleep. I have a mid-term on Tuesday I haven't really studied for and I work all day tomorrow. I was going to start on Wednesday because it was my extra day off but that wreck got in the way. Yuck.

Anyway, I was looking at the lyric books of some of my CDs and I found two songs that mirror situations in LOTR. Here they are:

songsCollapse )

current mood: exhausted

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Thursday, March 13th, 2003
10:12 pm - Wreckage
I was in a car wreck on Wednesday. It wasn't my fault because I stopped at a red light and the person behind me didn't. She mush have been speeding to smash in the back of my car as bad as she did. Also, I woke up with a stiff, aching neck.

I am going to a chiropractor for the neck and I hope her insurance pays to repair my car and does it quickly. If they total it I will have to look for another and I don't want that.

Like I didn't already have enough problems in my life. *sigh*

current mood: distressed

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Saturday, March 8th, 2003
8:39 pm - Toil and Trouble in the Spring
I haven't posted here in several days but work has been awful and I had a midterm on Thursday. Also, I have a fanfiction.net spot now and there are 2 more Pippin stories there.


Cinder-kitty recovered quickly from getting spayed and is as active as ever.

Spring is continuing to spring and here is a little description of it:
the colors of spring in the Crescent City between river and lakeCollapse )

current mood: anxious

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
8:58 pm - Quiet Birthday
I had dinner with some family at a really nice little Italian resturant last night. I got some nice presents from them. They gave me some antique jewelry, a gift certificate, and a nice vase.

I was a little sad because I was going to have a sushi luch with my cousin L. but never got her to answer her phone. My mother (who was at the dinner last night) and my cousin K. called me today but nobody else did. Ah, well. I am getting over a cold and I got some lovely online birthday greetings at TABA and the official lotrfanclub boards.

Here is a Pippin fic that is birthday related:

Pippin Musing 3: BirthdayCollapse )

current mood: apathetic

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Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
9:57 pm - Rain and gloom
What a hideous day! Work was a nightmare. It was terribly busy and I got some evaluations back, most of which were bad. I don't understand it! I usually get good evaluations. I don't THINK I am doing anything different. I think they are just getting way too strict. One girl got fired for being late when the lateness in question was less than five minutes (per day). It worries me.

On the school doom side I haven't done my question set for tomorrow and I am actually working from 9am to noon. I volunteered for overtime because they expect to be busy. Now I feel unappreciated and am sorry I did.

On the plus side I wrote another fanfic and got a perfect score on my little paper for archives class.

My second Pippin storyCollapse )

current mood: depressed

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Tuesday, February 25th, 2003
10:41 pm - Cats and writing
I got Cinder-kitty back from the vet. She tried to overexert herself by jumping on the windowsill so I put her in a very large pet-carrier I borrowed from my neighbor. I have her in there with a folded blanket and her water and food dish. Ah, well. She needed to be spayed and should heal soon enough.

I have started writing another Pippin-story. Yay. I had to write a little 2-page paper for my archives class, which I did.

My birthday is going to consist of my mom, my step-father, my cousin L, my sis-in-law and my brother (maybe on the last two) going to eat at the greatest little Italian resturant. Then, the parentals and I will go to a great Bacchus-parade party they got us invites for. This will all be Saturday night, my birthday is Sunday (two days before Mardi Gras).

current mood: content

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Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
9:02 pm - Spring is springing
The bulbs I planted are coming up and there are wild violets, japanese magnolias, red-buds, and other flowers blooming. It was a beautiful day after a couple of nasty, stormy days.

Instead of homework today I posted my first work of fiction! It is a Lord of the Rings fan fiction about Pippin. I got some very kind responses to it on the official lotrfanclub.net board but nothing on thereandbackagain.net yet.

My birthday is in exactly one week and I have to take my cinder-kitty to the vet to get spayed tomorrow. I am so worried about her.

My Pippin storyCollapse )

current mood: creative

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Thursday, February 20th, 2003
9:50 pm - Bread and Circus
Well, cousin L and I went to see Cirque du soeli Wednesday night. It was well worth the sleep deprivation. Everything, from the music to the juggler, was wonderful. I got myself a Dralion (the mascot of this cirque program) toy.

Tomorrow night I will go to a awards dinner with my mother because of the little fellowship award I got last semester. Yay.

current mood: optimistic

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Sunday, February 16th, 2003
11:22 am - Sleepy Sunday
There was a bit of a storm as the front came through last night. Such things are a bit scary on my second floor bedroom but I was so exhausted I went to sleep early. I slept fairly well which was a relief as I have gone through several days of insomnia.

Truly, my physical state is run-down of late. I gained about fifteen pounds over the last several months and I am quite short (4'11''). Also, I am always tired, even when I get sleep, and now I have some kind of cold sore. I feel so worn, although better than I did yesterday. Now that the rain stopped, I will take a nice walk today. That should help.

Here is a picture of my little tortiseshell kitten, Cinder:


current mood: apathetic

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Friday, February 14th, 2003
11:26 pm - Sweet and Sour
Despite what I thought, I actually got a valentine from someone other than my mother. He is a virtual valentine I will probably never meet but it is still very nice.

My cousin L and I went to a Chinese restaurant that had terrible service. I wish I could get her to eat Indian or Vietnamese with me but she refuses. My cousin K likes these cuisines but she lives two hours away and my best friend, who also likes them, now lives three states away. This definitely makes me sad. I wish I could have someone to eat Indian with.

L and I went to the mall after dinner and I got a soft and pretty plum-colored jacket at 50 percent off. : )

current mood: naughty

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Thursday, February 13th, 2003
10:47 pm - Hither and Yon
I went to my information systems class tonight, a considerable drive. I think the answer I gave when the prof called on me was ok.

I really didn't do much today except for school but, since I crossed the Causeway (the longest bridge in the world) today, here is an awful poem I wrote about it:

The Causeway

My car speeds
on a stretch of sun-washed concrete
tall silver buildings
disappear behind my back
a flotilla of pelicans
drifts in the air beside the bridge
below the span
the lake's still water
is as reflective as a polished mirror
the turquoise sky above
turns lavender and coral on its western rim
as the line of dark pines on the northern shore
rushes toward me

current mood: embarrassed

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Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
10:42 pm - odds and ends
I got a lord of the rings keychain and bumper sticker in the mail today. Yay! I had to wait a while for them, too. I also got a valentine (from my mom, I blush to admit and probably the only one I will get, too).

I had dinner with a cousin I am close to (we live near each other and hang out a lot). We went to a really good pasta place and tomorrow we are going shopping.

A classmate I am friendly with called me and we went over the discussion questions for tomorrow's class. The prof is going to call on us to answer them. Gack.

current mood: busy

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
11:05 pm - decisions, decisions
I had class in Baton Rouge today. I did manage to get some, if not all, of my school-reading done. I don't like doing such a long drive in a seven-year-old car, even if it is a Toyota. The prof kept us the whole three hours, darn her, so I didn't get home until 10:30pm.

The decision I have to make is that my job, typing orders into a computer, has nothing to do with my degree and hoped-for career, library science. There are a number of interesting interships, paying internships, available in the Summer and I dreadfully need the experience but I don't know if my work would let me go all Summer. If they won't take me back, as is probable, it would be hard to replace my job. Gack. I don't know what to do. I am afraid to even ask my supervisor about it.

current mood: confused

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Monday, February 10th, 2003
10:56 pm - Busy Days, Sleepless Nights
*Warning: Whining ahead* Work was horrid today. It was far too busy to get any homework done. I was so glad to get home but I have so much schoolwork, housework, mail, and email to go through it is ridiculous. I have no work tomorrow but I have a 3-hr round trip to get to school and back. I should still have some time for some schoolwork.

I like the archives textbook. It is very practical and uses a lot of real-world scenarios. The subject of the last class and the next two is appraisal and acquisitions. In other words, we are learning how to decide what to keep in an archives.

current mood: anxious

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Sunday, February 9th, 2003
9:04 pm - Thoughts on a Rainy Sunday
Well, this is my first entry. I really hate the rain. It is so messy and depressing. I guess the plants like it and it has just been drizzly today, not stormy.

I pretty much just ate cookies, drank tea, and played on the computer today (not games, just surfing and communciating on the LOTR bboard I frequent). I did work 1/2 a day (yes, I have to work on Sundays to be off on Tuesday and Thursday when I have class). I didn't get any schoolwork done, which is not good when you are in grad school. Oh, well.

My recent literary crush/discovery is Neil Gaiman. His books are so awesome. I got American Gods from the library and liked it so much I went to Barnes and Noble and bought both it and Neverwhere. Both stories are origional and entertaining and also very satisfying to the mind. I highly reccomend them.

current mood: exhausted

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