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Spring is springing

The bulbs I planted are coming up and there are wild violets, japanese magnolias, red-buds, and other flowers blooming. It was a beautiful day after a couple of nasty, stormy days.

Instead of homework today I posted my first work of fiction! It is a Lord of the Rings fan fiction about Pippin. I got some very kind responses to it on the official board but nothing on yet.

My birthday is in exactly one week and I have to take my cinder-kitty to the vet to get spayed tomorrow. I am so worried about her.

Pippin's Musing on his wedding day
The Shire, the Fourth Age, Late Spring 1427 (shire reckoning)

Peregrin Took was in a reflective mood. Since the events of the War of the Ring, he had become a great deal more thoughtful and today was a day most bachelor-hobbits were supposed to dread but he did not fear marrying Diamond and there were times she made him feel as light-hearted and foolish as he was before the war. There were still times he woke up panicked from a dream of which he could remember nothing but a heavy weight crushing him, the clang of metal on metal, and the smell of blood. However, today was a beautiful spring day in the Shire and, as he gazed out the round window of his room in the Great Smial of the Tooks at the trees and flowers, his thoughts wandered to those who couldn't be at his wedding and those that still remained.

His father and his friends Merry and Sam were here. Paladin was becoming increasingly frail, worn out before the usual time for his long-lived family, but he was here and still well enough to enjoy the occasion. Sam had become so much more than Pippin thought he would. He was still amazed at the immense, quiet strength of the hobbit that had healed the scars inflicted upon the land by the invaders. Merry would be an able Master of Buckland when his time came and he was so happy with Estella. Pippin hoped he would be as good a husband to Diamond. He and Merry no longer pulled pranks together but they still spent as much time as possible with each other. He would miss his cousin's gentle presence and Gandalf's fireworks. He dearly wished Frodo and the old wizard could be here. Almost six years had passed since they left with the elves but his memories of them, especially Frodo, remained undimmed

Diamond's love filled the hollow places in his heart. She was lovely hobbit-lass. Her dark curls and golden-brown eyes captivated him from the first time he saw her in her parent's garden with a basket of full of roses. He smiled at the thought of her planting roses around the Great Smial. Many a hobbit-lass tried to attract the Took heir but the quiet, golden-eyed Diamond succeeded where flashier lasses failed.

His father's voice startled him out of his reverie. Paladin, looking tired but happy, entered the room.

"Pippin," said Paladin Took, "What are you doing, son? They are waiting for you."

"I'm coming father," said Pippin.

He walked into the spring sunshine with his father, looking forward to the party and his future with Diamond.
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