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Thoughts on a Rainy Sunday

Well, this is my first entry. I really hate the rain. It is so messy and depressing. I guess the plants like it and it has just been drizzly today, not stormy.

I pretty much just ate cookies, drank tea, and played on the computer today (not games, just surfing and communciating on the LOTR bboard I frequent). I did work 1/2 a day (yes, I have to work on Sundays to be off on Tuesday and Thursday when I have class). I didn't get any schoolwork done, which is not good when you are in grad school. Oh, well.

My recent literary crush/discovery is Neil Gaiman. His books are so awesome. I got American Gods from the library and liked it so much I went to Barnes and Noble and bought both it and Neverwhere. Both stories are origional and entertaining and also very satisfying to the mind. I highly reccomend them.
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