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Quiet Birthday

I had dinner with some family at a really nice little Italian resturant last night. I got some nice presents from them. They gave me some antique jewelry, a gift certificate, and a nice vase.

I was a little sad because I was going to have a sushi luch with my cousin L. but never got her to answer her phone. My mother (who was at the dinner last night) and my cousin K. called me today but nobody else did. Ah, well. I am getting over a cold and I got some lovely online birthday greetings at TABA and the official lotrfanclub boards.

Here is a Pippin fic that is birthday related:

Pippin Musing 3: Birthday
The Shire Early Spring 1431 (Shire reckoning)

Today was his son's first birthday and no child could have been more wanted or loved. Although he and Diamond had been married for just under four years, they had the example of Sam and Rose before them. The mayor and his wife just had their fifth child, another little golden-haired girl. Pippin was grateful for his one child and the fact that his father was still here to enjoy little Faramir. Paladin weakened every year but clung to live with Tookish tenacity.

There had been two, heartbreaking miscarriages before Faramir. The second one happened late in Diamond's pregnancy and hurt his wife both physically and emotionally. He spent many hours holding her, stroking her hair, and feeding her. He had been wild with worry when she became pregnant again. He gathered mushrooms and berries for her to eat and wouldn't let her do any sort of work. She smiled and shook her head as if to say he was worrying for nothing but let him pamper her. The pregnancy and birth actually went very easily and, a year ago today, Pippin was presented with a little boy with his mother's golden eyes and named him Faramir, after the prince he saved from the mad Denenthor.

Diamond baked a beautiful cake and they were waiting for their guests to arrive when he heard a baby's happy squeal coming from the kitchen. Pippin went to see what was going on. Faramir somehow had upset the flour and was playing in the powdery mess. Diamond, laughing, picked him up just as Pippin walked in the kitchen. Pippin grinned, hugged them together, and swung his little family around the kitchen in a dance before getting the broom and dustpan.
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