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Toil and Trouble in the Spring

I haven't posted here in several days but work has been awful and I had a midterm on Thursday. Also, I have a spot now and there are 2 more Pippin stories there.

Cinder-kitty recovered quickly from getting spayed and is as active as ever.

Spring is continuing to spring and here is a little description of it:

Many spring colors are starting to brighten the landscape. If I walk out my own door white tulips, yellow daffodils, and a Japanese magnolia tree bloom. In the Faubourg Marigny and the French Quarter scented pink jasmine spills over courtyard walls. Some streetcars are even decorated with fake Japanese magnolia blooms made of paper. The trees are everywhere and have blooms that range from the palest blush pink to a deep plum color. My tree falls in the mid-range of this spectrum.

If you go north accross the causeway, escorted by brown pelicans and white seagulls, you enter an area bisected by clear, sandy-bottomed rivers shaded by dark green pines. Banks of wild white violets look like drifts of snow on the outskirts of the little woods and wild yellow jasmine tangles in the trees. Here there white-blossomed pear trees in cleared yards and lurking underneath the pines.

Happy spring. : )
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